Fascinated since childhood by the documentary film, it never ceases to capture that without artifice, with great care and professionalism, the sources of the life of a people.He turns to the reality of the lives of its characters. A face is equal to a moment of life. A split second released by the device and it is a poetry that emerges a portrait.Meditation and questioning beings in stark contrast to the surprise revealed by the singular posture of a character taken from life.
Zen is a magical world,Each traveller sees what he wants to see,Each gets what he is seeking.

Exhibition & Experience


- Staff Photographer for TIMES OF INDIA, Madras, from 2007 to 2008.

- India Today Magazine for Spice, Home, Design Today, Simply Punjabi and Simply chennai 2007.
- Economic Times, for Madras Plus newspaper, from 2006 to 2007.
- Assistant Photographer for 'RANNJAN JOUWN' (now in Paris), 2002 -2004.
- Assistant Photographer for Mr. Pablo Bartholomew for the magazine GEO, 2007 in Chennai.

- Workshop of Transmission Pour L'image (Part of Professional week of the Visa pour l'Image festival ) Perpignan, 2011.


"Passion and Compassion" (Tibetan Refgees in India and Nepal) in Latour-de-France, Augest 2012.
"Festival "Confrontation 47" (About Indian Cinema) at the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan, April 2011. J.Vigo Institute.

 "Solitaires Sans Nom" Festival Visa Off in Perpignan Off 2011.
 "Neelajan" at the Media Library of Le Soler, PO, in December 2010.
"Inde,L' Ordre Sacré"  Festival Visa Off in Perpignan Off 2010, winner of the festival with Price Arago.
"Trait d' Union" with the Catalan painter Maria LLUIS, the gallery of Marianne Argeles-sur-Mer, in July 2010.
"Tibetan refugees" in July 2010 at the French Alliance of Madras.

"Glimpse of France" in May 2010 at the French Alliance of Madras.
"Nirvana" in October 2007 at the French Alliance of Madras.

"Festival of Faith"  in August 2006 at the French Alliance of Madras.
"Varanasi" in June 2005 at the French Alliance of Madras.