Disappeared Nation-Forgotten People


Bylakuppe Tibetan Refugee Settlement In India

"Religious festivals" For Transexual

       The Koothandavar Festival is the primary festival of the Hijras or the ‘third sex’.  It is held every year in Koovagam, a remote village in the Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu in India.  Celebrations begin on the full-moon day of Chitra, the local equivalent of April/May in the western calendar, and spill over into the next day. Transgender men and women assemble here to celebrate their unique sexual identity, by identifying themselves with Lord Krishna. One the greater Gods of the Hindu pantheon, Lord Krishna is a beloved deity throughout India, both for his naughty ways as a child, and his conquest of 16,000 wives when he came of age.
        This festival is a ritual re-enactment of a slice from His mythical life




   These sons and daughters of the earth have no home. Mentally challenged and in dire poverty, they have lost everything that is of value to the common man- family, friends, money, society and aspirations - even the ability to express their misery and seek support.One can only guess as to what great personal calamity robbed them of their sanity. Disowned by all those near and dear to them, they now rove the streets aimlessly, repeating nonsensical gestures. People pass them by everyday, but as if they were an invisible part of the landscape, rarely look their way…and so they remain neglected, nameless loners.
   The last census board survey in 2001 reveals that an astounding 2.16 million people in India are mentally challen

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